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So sick of this shit now...

Ever since 1.09, nobody does anything but crappy deathmatches and races. I've literally sat for 5 minutes trying to get people to join a mission and there aren't any takers. Several times people pop up as "joining" only to leave within seconds.

This is massively frustrating because I admittedly suck at PVP and races. I still haven't won a race in which people didn't let me win and I haven't been on a winning team in a deathmatch because I die more than anyone else (we're talking something like 10 deaths in a 30-kill match).

For the very first time in the history of my playing console games I took a chance at online, hoping that I'd get a 1000 gs in a game with a competitive online component. Looks like level 100 will always be elusive unless I grind out levels for the next few months/years. The player base has diminished except for shitheads who want to do nothing more than grief others. Even the people I was leveling with have disappeared or left me in the dust because they only do deathmatches too.

I wish R* hadn't nerfed this game into the ground for the sake of microtransactions. Looks like I'm moving on to something else for my (nearly) first online 1000 gs.

EDIT: In addition to all of this, I've spent the last two hours soloing missions and races and I'm down $5000 from when I started because of the need to buy ammo. Damn, this sucks now. I even blew open two armored trucks that literally dropped NOTHING.
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