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Originally Posted by mchannon37 View Post
If you want to grind a simple online mission Pot Shots is really easy if you use a car to stop the van from crossing the bridge in the beginning of the mission. On Hard you get like 1400 RP and $7000 and when you get decent at it, you can complete in like 4 minutes, so that's like over 20k per hour. I know it's nowhere near the old Criminal Records method, but it's better than nothing and is pretty easy to complete on your own.
That's exactly what I've been doing! Twice, though, another person joined before I could turn off matchmaking, and both of those times wound up as mission failures because the other player purposely botched the entire mission. Both of them were level 70+ so I can't imagine how they could have been so inept as to screw up the mission accidentally, especially when I can solo it in less than 4 minutes.

How could I not overcome their screw-ups enough to beat the mission when I can solo it? Well, that's just HOW FAR they took their sabotage. One person - I shit you not - blew up the van with a sticky bomb. The other was shooting at ME, which forced me into the open where I was twice gunned down by the gang members. Once I became a spectator, I watched that person let the van go and then square off against as many gang members he could hold off until he died. I watched that crap for 8 minutes just so I wouldn't get a bad sport hit for leaving a mission. Why on earth would people do crap like this?! It's why I said in my previous post that the game has pretty much been left to the griefers after 1.09.

In any case, I hate whining and bitching about stuff, so I found another solution. A Social Club user created an RP grind race that you can do solo and earn good RP each time. So I rubber-band my controller and let it go while I do other stuff. I've gained 13 levels in the last 24 hours: 39 to 52. It doesn't pay as much as Potshot - only $2078 per 4:30 run - but it's easy money considering I'm not even touching the controller. The rest of my time I spend doing Potshot for money.

No, I'm not proud of this method of grinding, but like I said before, I'd rather DO something rather than bitch about something. Rockstar's constant nerfing of RP and payouts, and the resulting decline of a mature** player base, drove me to this as a viable solution. I WANT to co-op some missions, but co-op bit the dust now that missions aren't viable sources of RP or income. Now the majority of other players are of the "if it moves, kill it" mentality. They don't want to cooperate in any way, shape, or form.

**I use the term "mature" to infer the players' mentality, not their age. I've played quite a lot with a 9-year-old who I consider much more mature than the garden-variety, tweaked-out, trigger-happy morons who now infest this game.
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