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Online Tips & Tricks Guide!

Hey all.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of tips and tricks to surviving online. This is a working progress, so feel free to suggest your own tips and tricks.

Keep Your Money Safe
You can use your in game phone to deposit your cash rather than finding an ATM. This will prevent you from losing

Sell Cars to Los Santos Customs - Tip curtsey of Boomerang Cat
The following video lists the top 10 best vehicles to sell to Lose Santos Customs for a quick profit. Note: You can sell a car to any Los Santos Customs garage once ever 48 real-time minutes.

Buying An Apartment
- Tip curtsey of Boomerang Cat
Don't waste money on smaller apartments, if your going to eventually but the most expensive apartment ($400,000 including a 10 Car Garage) buy it without purchasing the others as you can only own 1 apartment at a time and you are forced to sell the unwanted place for 1/2 of the fee you paid for it.

Call Martin Madrazo - Tip curtsey of Boomerang Cat
Martin Madrazo has some nice Missions for fast money. Call ever 2.5 to 3 minutes to request a job such as:
Check Out Time, Out Of Court Settlement + Editor & Thief = $6,750/$7,500 in 3 minutes.
Defender & Extradition = $15,000+ in 5 to 6 Minutes.
Mixed Up With Coke = $13,500 in 4 minutes.
Rooftop Rumble is his best Mission where you can earn $18,750 in 3 minutes.

Lester also has a couple of decent Missions with a good time to money ratio. Bust Out & Stocks and Scares have the best Cash to Time ratio's.

Killing Bounty's
- Tip curtsey of Boomerang Cat
Get a fast car and move near to the bounty target (around 15 to 20 seconds drive away), call Lester and pay $500 to disappear from the Radar for 1 minute, then approach the bounty from behind and shoot them to claim an easy and unchallenged Bounty. If they are driving in a Car you may want to use a Sticky Bomb but you risk ending up in a horrible "Bad Sport" Lobby if you destroy too many Personal Vehicles.

Play "Coveted" for $12,000 every 4 minutes -Tip curtsey of Boomerang Cat
Go to GTA Online > Press Start > Go To Online > Jobs > Host Job > Missions > Coveted

Easily completed Solo check this Thread Here.

Earning RP from Golf

Golf is a brilliant way to rank up quickly. Jump into a golf game with 4 players. When all 4 holes are finished, even if you come last, you'll gain at least 1k RP. And as an added bonus. Playing one hole of golf increases your strength stat by at least 1 mini bar (1% of 100).

Unlocking Race Specific Upgrades
If you're looking to quickly unlock certain upgrades that require you to win a races for a specific car class, then head to the Criminal Records race by the prison. Host a game and set it to 1 lap. Either invite friends and boost or play with randoms and see if you can hold your own.

Race Boost
To receive a nice boost off the starting line. Wait util the countdown says GO. As soon as GO appears on the screen, hit the acceleration and you should receive a quick boost to start you off.

Know some good tips or tricks? Post them below!


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