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Originally Posted by w00d3rs View Post
Hey all.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of tips and tricks to surviving online. This is a working progress, so feel free to suggest your own tips and tricks.

Keep Your Money Safe
You can use your in game phone to deposit your cash rather than finding an ATM. This will prevent you from losing

Earning RP From Golf

Golf is a brilliant way to rank up quickly. Jump into a golf game with 4 players. When all 4 holes are finished, even if you come last, you'll gain atleast 1k RP. And as an added bonus. Playing one hole of golf increases your strength stat by at least 1 bar.

Unlocking Race Specific Upgrades
If you're looking to quickly unlock certain upgrades that require you to win a races for a specific car class, then head to the Criminal Records race by the prison. Host a game and set it to 1 lap. Either invite friends or see if you can win on your own.

Race Boost
To receive a nice boost off the starting line. Wait util the countdown says GO. As soon as GO appears on the screen, hit the accerleration and you should recieve a quick boost to start you off.

Got some better tips/tricks? Post them below!


That has to be something new. That mos def wasn't the case when I started. I would recheck that one.

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