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Originally Posted by w00d3rs View Post

Got some better tips/tricks? Post them below!

I've posted the following a couple of times within different Threads but you may wan't to post all or parts of it above in the Tips/Tricks Guide.

Boomerang Cat's Guide To Earning Genuine Big Money In GTA 5: Online

Here's a Basic Guide to making money in GTA Online:

1. Make sure you sell a Car to LS Customs once every 48 real-time minutes.

The following Video shows the Top 10 highest value cars you can sell to LS Customs to earn extra easy money.

2. Buying an Apartment

Don't waste money on smaller apartments, if your going to eventually but the most expensive apartment ($400,000 including a 10 Car Garage) buy it without purchasing the others as you can only own 1 apartment at a time and you are forced to sell the unwanted place for 1/2 of the fee you paid for it.

3. Call Martin Madrazo every 2.5 to 3 minutes to request a Job

He has some nice Missions for fast money.

Check Out Time, Out Of Court Settlement + Editor & Thief = $6,750/$7,500 in 3 minutes.

Defender & Extradition = $15,000+ in 5 to 6 Minutes.

Mixed Up With Coke = $13,500 in 4 minutes.

Rooftop Rumble is his best Mission where you can earn $18,750 in 3 minutes.

Lester also has a couple of decent Missions with a good time to money ratio. Bust Out & Stocks and Scares have the best Cash to Time ratio's.

4. Easy way to earn cash through killing Bounty's - Off The Radar.

Get a fast car and move near to the Bounty Target (around 15 to 20 seconds drive away) call Lester and pay $500 to disappear from the Radar for 1 minute, then approach the bounty from behind and shoot them to claim an easy and unchallenged Bounty. If they are driving in a Car you may want to use a Sticky Bomb but you risk ending up in a horrible "Bad Sport" Lobby if you destroy too many Personal Vehicles.

5. Really want money fast? You could play "Coveted" for $12,000 every 4 minutes (including loading times).

Go to GTA Online > Press Start > Go To Online > Jobs > Host Job > Missions > Coveted

Easily completed Solo check this Thread Here.

I hope this helps .

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