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Originally Posted by Damican View Post
Why don't I have the thieves hood? I seen something about the name but my screen isn't in Japanese the only name it gives me is moriah idk I played the game twice in a row as a thief now still can't find it
You should name her Lynn, that should start her off with the hood on. I actually found it myself, think there's a chest in 10-1 that should gives a head item for the character you're playing as.

Here's a link to the one faq I saw with info about naming and some suggested names.

There's also some other good info in there, so hopefully it helps some people like it helped me. Also as mentioned before when trying to get drops from bosses spam the A+B Desperate Attack, best done with the Fighter or Elf in my opinion. The last thing I needed was the Level 8 scroll, got it off a gargoyle on the last level. Best to do it with the Elf equipped with the Sword of Legend.

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