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Originally Posted by Sqeagy View Post
Actually, if you have a Heavy Sniper Rifle and aim for the little hatch where you enter a tank and fire, you can kill the person in the tank. You have to be some distance away though, like half a mile or something.
Originally Posted by Dirty130 View Post
If it was a legit kill, credit to the sniper.
Aaah that might be it. Gotta test it. Yeah he was all the way on the top of one of the skyscrapers downtown. Funny thing is I was driving in one direction and not standing still, so yeah this sucker was "maybe" somewhat skilled.

Edit and here we go:
Originally Posted by 1001puppys View Post
Don't know either of your questions tonight, but after tonight I was certainly bitching about your sniping skills on that capture match, so I'm sure you could practice on a tank
Haha so sorry about that. I played the mode for the very first time. I'm not a fan of competitive modes in GTAO I rather spend my time in freeplay and doing missions from Martin and Lester.
Originally Posted by Ten Foot Bunny View Post
1. Create and save a custom playlist containing only a single activity (mission/job/race/parachute/etc.etc.etc.) near where you want to teleport.

2. Load up the playlist, but don't start the activity.

3. Quit the playlist.

Quitting the playlist without starting the activity will result in you returning to the same lobby but in the location of the activity you didn't actually start. Additionally, your vehicle will be nearby regardless of where it was on the map when you loaded the playlist. If you were at Los Santos Airport, your vehicle was in Sandy Shores, and your playlist contained a mission at the Vinewood sign, loading and quitting the playlist will result in both you and your car standing at the mission start circle at the Vinewood sign.

Yes, I have teleports set up everywhere for when I'm playing in an invite-only session. I don't use them in public lobbies because I think that's kind of a dick move.

Starting up and quitting an individual mission/job/etc. won't work. This trick can ONLY be done using a playlist.
Wow, cheers for that. First thing I'm going to do when I'm back from work.

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