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Originally Posted by Flibbity Floid View Post
Same here. The only real problem I've had was the "getting in the tutorial" on the first day. Past's been relatively smooth.

For the most part, there's only 3 different kinds of apartments and you might as well break em down society-wise as Lower, Middle and Upper class.
Some just have either another floor and extra little "activities" like a bong, beverages, PC, etc. You're more or less looking for a garage though since it's onl "so-real", what's the point of plunking down $400k when you can literally get the same exact thing in a different spot for almost half the price?
So yeah, in a sense there's 3 apartment types but it's only true constant usage is the garage.
I argued that point with someone. It's a total waste of 200k when I get the garage anyway. I don't even go into the apartment unless its to avoid the police if i'm nearby. Yet some people bought the higher priced apartment with gifted money so it wasnt a problem. I've had to go completely solo to get the apartment.
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