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Originally Posted by Jedi MoonKnight View Post
Blink and you'll miss it.

Pathetic. Wait this long, put up with the Season Pass bullshit and the episode is just tiny.

But Chapter 5 - seriously? I sneezed and missed the entire cut-scene.

So glad I didn't get the Season Pass for The Walking Dead S2. I'm done with this whole "give us money for a full game and we'll give you as much content as we feel, as slowly as we feel like giving it to you". They're raping us.

It's not just Telltale, but they have to be the worst offender. The bastards didn't even bother bringing Sam & Max S3 to the 360, now no Next Gen titles and their current crop is getting worse in cost, size/length and delivery.

I'm out!
Where do you get your sense of entitlement from? I wish all the keyboard warriors out there could gain even an inkling of how complex game development is. There could have been any number of reasons that the 2nd ep took a while to come out, and they could have been completely out of Telltale's control for all we know. If they'd have rushed an incomplete product out, god knows you'd be first in line to complain about that as well.

As for the season pass issue, it's reported to be an MS problem. Besides, it was an extra 2/3 days you had to wait, hardly the end of the world.

Classy touch with the rape reference btw.
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