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Achievement Guide, Gameplay Tips and Boss Strategies

Okay folks, I decided that I'll write the guide for this game. It might take a few days until I complete it but overall I want to share what I learned from this game so that everyone can get quick help here. Feel free to send me any comments or make suggestions on how to improve it, preferably by PM.

I'll use this post to make a few general notices on how to obtain the achievements. As the hard part is not finishing it but scoring well on it and that relies on more detailed knowledge about the game, you will still not get around practising the game. You need to be familiar with the areas simply, otherwise the best advice won't help you. If you are unsure, many nice videos on Youtube (there's quite some 100% videos) could help you - even better, you can use the game's replay function to download the replays of the top Rez HD players and just watch exactly what they do then. This is really recommended especially for score attack.

If you have trouble with the bosses, I wrote a small guide on that in the next post all at the bottom.

When I refer to "charged shots", I mean a 8x-shot - in order to do it, you have to lock on to multiple enemies (or for one that has multiple hitpoints, lock on multiple times on it) by just keeping the normal fire button pressed - and only let go once you see "MAX" written inside your crosshair, indicating that you can't lock on to more targets than that at once. Once you let go then, a small chorus should be heard to show that you did it right.
This is perhaps the most important technique in the game, and in order to unlock all achievements you will absolutely have to master it!

Small guide/tutorial for starters:
In order to unlock area5, you need to get 100% analysis on areas 1-4 in play mode. You can check this with the progress bars that display for each level when you are in the Play mode menu.
How to get more analysis? Pretty easy: throughout areas 1-4, there will be exactly ten small bots flying by that have something like a blue box attached to them. If you shoot the bot the box is freed, and if you then hit the box 8 times a network portal opens, increasing the "level" in the game with both the graphics and sound getting more and more complex over time. In order to get 100% analysis, you need to open all ten network portals in each level. They're really not hard to spot, but in case you missed one you can re-do that level in play mode (doing it in score attack won't count!) in order to unlock area 5.

Another hint: some people find it easier to use RT/LT to shoot instead of A/B. An apparent advantage is that you can rapid fire a lot better without your fingers going numb

Scoring tips
If you want to get a high score, two things are important: first, you should always try to fire fully charged shots, so shooting 8 shots at once. It doesn't matter if it's at one enemy or at different enemies, but the number of simultaneous shots determines the points multiplier - if you fire 8 shots at once, you will get 8x the score that you'd do with hitting the same targets with single shots! Do the math.
Also, in order to have more targets available, it is a bad idea to always take enemies out right away. Leave yourself time, even let them shoot at you - every rocket means a higher multiplier. Just don't let them fly away - if they do, release the button so you don't lose any points by not hitting and taking down an enemy in the end.

Aside from the achievements, there's many things you can unlock in Rez. This is done exactly the same way as in the DC and PS2 version. A list on all that is in the third post below this one.


20 Clear play mode area1
For this you just need to play the first level and beat the boss in play mode. I doubt that anyone would have problems with this once they understood the basic principle of the game. If you should have problems, try doing the in-game tutorial - it's really well-made. If you get hit a lot, keep in mind that you can also just tap your fire button to hit the enemies instead of holding it.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.
20 Clear play mode area2
This is pretty much the same as for the first area. Try taking out enemies as soon as they are on your screen so they don't even get to fire their rockets, and take the enemies that take more than one hit out one by one. You will also have to start looking for weak spots on the enemies here - this particularly goes for the long, big ships that will fly through below you starting at level 01. There's no sense shooting everywhere on them - you better just fire charged shots at the big, yellow "eye" they have and they'll be gone within seconds.
On level 08, you will encounter enemies that have six guns connected in a wide circle around them. Don't bother about the guns; if you manage to take out the middle part which is the actual enemy, you will not only immobilize the gun, but also any shots they might have fired at you already will disappear into thin air.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.

20 Clear play mode area3
Things are getting harder from here on; but still it's just the same old thing: finishing the area. You will encounter annoying small enemies that look like half yin-yang-sign that fell into a red paint bucket; you should really take those out with rapid fire as they're usually very close to you when they start shooting, plus their movement sometimes is rather chaotic. For the long snake enemies on level 07, try hitting their heads - that's their only sensitive part. Don't be afraid if they start shooting at you: if you rapidfire at them while they charge their shot, they won't be able to hit you and you'll get them in the end.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.

20 Clear play mode area4
Here you will encounter violet enemies that will fire charged shots if you don't hurry to take them out, so make this your first priority if you see them. The bigger violet ships that unload lots and lots of enemies are best taken out by focussing your fire on their middle target point (which is their weak spot). Don't be afraid of the "gate" enemies that appear after half of the level; when they are still open, focus on the part that has three points rather than the one that has one, as the three points usually turn after the gate has connected making it harder to point on them, while the one point on the other half of the gate stays in the middle and doesn't move around much from the rotation. Overall from this area on it doesn't make much sense to use rapid fire anymore, as most enemies have at least 4 hitpoints so you're more effective with charged shots.
If you have trouble with the boss, see the boss section in the second next post below.

20 Clear play mode area5
Note: If you wonder about where area5 is, you didn't get 100% analysis on areas 1-4. That is needed in order to unlock area5. See all on top of this post for more information on that topic.
Okay, first of all: area5 is the longest of all areas. If you should not make it the first time, it might feel a bit demotivating because of having to do it from the start - but I tell you, it's really worth it! And after having played it a few times, you'll find it a walk in the park. Seriously.
Most important here is that you always open the "gates" that are appearing. Otherwise you'll fly right against the wall. So take those out rather earlier than later; you'll notice that your shots *do* in fact take some time to reach their targets if you keep them as the last things to shoot (and eventually hit the wall). The good news is that you won't have to shoot any network portals here, because once you opened the gates up you'll automatically fly through them.
Don't hesitate to use your overdrives here, when lots (and I mean *lots*) of enemies are on the screen they can save your life. You should better spare one for the boss battle at the end of the level however; more on that - as usual - in the boss section in the second next post below.

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