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Originally Posted by LessThan5 View Post
Hey guy's i am thinking of starting this game as it looks amazing. the SP achievements are pretty standard. but level 100... I have been seeing alot of people saying it takes forever to level up so if i started the game now roughly what am i looking at to hit level 100? 100+ hours?

Originally Posted by assassinjay1229 View Post
How does the rest of your natural born life sound, seeing as R* is still cutting RP(xp) payouts in patches . The serious answer is about 2-3 months of fairly serious playing, sorry I can't give you an hour estimate.
Originally Posted by LessThan5 View Post
stuff that for a joke. thanks for the reply
Reaching Rank 100 in GTA5 Online is much easier than reaching Rank 10 "Wanted" in GTA4 Online was, so it's not too bad.

It will take a long time if you hang around, appearing to be doing pretty much nothing in a Free Roam Lobby, like 75%-80% of people seem to be doing in GTA Online, but if you're regularly completing Missions you'll get to Rank 100 fairly quickly.

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