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Originally Posted by jswartz0181 View Post
If you actually play the game (i.e. not run around only in Freemode or do the same race/mission over and over and over again), it really isn't that bad. Those who complain about the grind to 100 are those who aren't exactly doing anything else. Of course it's going to feel like a grind when you only do the same two or three missions (less than 1% of all that can be done)!

It takes about 10 rank-appropriate missions (the rank required to get it being about the rank you are) to rank up one level. But if you find people to play with that are higher up and play their missions, early on you can rank up every 2-4 missions (or even every mission really early on).
All of this right here!

I see it so many times where people complain about not ranking up but you see they have enough snapchat shots of their car/garage/shenanigans that you realize they're not paying attention to the huge chunks of wasted time.

I haven't leveled up bc when I do play, I have been more farting around than playing missions since I'm just a skitch away from 100. I mean, if the game launched as it did just without the abusing glitches, it would STILL be a grind.

Anyone who's been above level 100 since December "Cheated" their way up so now you have:

Players complaining there's not enough to do now
Players complaining there's too much to grind

Then there's players like you and I who look and say "Quit complaining and actually PLAY"

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