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Originally Posted by poleh2o View Post
Really enjoyed the content. But where do I get all the cash to buy it all?
Play Rooftop Rumble or Coveted over and over for the best, fastest mission money, sell cars every 48 mins, etc.

It's too late for this now, but over the weekend they had triple the cash payout for sea races. I created a simple 2 lap sea race, and this is what I did for money if I was AFK or didn't really feel like playing....

Start up the race, 2 laps. Watch tv for about 5 mins, go to the bathroom, smoke break, whatever. Flip back to gta, complete the race. If you finished with a time of over 8 minutes, even for a 2 lap race, you got the max payout of $10,375 or something around there. Anything faster than 8 minutes resulted in less money.

I discovered this kind of on accident when I was away at one point and then kind of turned it into a method of afk play.

Sorry for kinda rambling on about a method that no longer applies after this past weekend but hey if it gives anyone else out there ideas then I guess it was useful.

And yeah like ServeChilled said above, there's the shark cards....but please, don't feed Rockstar. There's still plenty of ways to make money by playing the game instead of paying to play the game.

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