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Originally Posted by Dirty130 View Post
Roh oh! Do you play in a private or public crew? I'll guess private?
You got it - it's private. Only 13 members. But I got really sick of wanting to do missions and nobody doing them with me. Then turning around and saying that the best way to level is to do missions. Then someone in the crew unfriended me, one of the two crew leaders nonetheless.

These people are Call of Duty players and I've NEVER played a competitive online mode before. I have problems with constantly getting slaughtered, yet those two have k/d ratios of ~1.50. When I said that the game was hard for me because of that, I was told that the game wasn't for me.

Two nights ago I made a little boo-boo. The two crew leaders were in a chat party, so one was the person who unfriended me and so I didn't feel comfortable joining without an invitation. Then I entered their GTAO session and still they didn't invite me to the party or play with me. They had a Buzzard and so did I. At one point they landed and I shot a rocket downward thinking I was shooting someone who had a bounty. Instead, I shot my two crew members.

Feeling bad about that, I landed my Buzzard next to where they respawned, and got out. If I'd been in their party, I could have told them that I was offering them my Buzzard as an apology. Instead, they got out of their car, shot my Buzzard so it was dead, then got back in their car and sped off.

I sent an apology message to the one of them still on my friend list explaining what happened. I didn't get the courtesy of a response. He also hasn't accepted any of my party invites since I accidentally blew them up.

They shot my gift to them and that really upset me. I'm kind of sensitive so it made me cry. Not that they cared. I found out last night (from someone talking to the person who unfriended me) that they shot my Buzzard so I wouldn't do anything like that again. Like I needed a lesson? That also hurt because, despite never having been anything but kind and helpful to other members of the crew, they obviously thought the worst of me.

So fuck them... I quit the crew that very night and found another crew of local Denverites, one of whom is a guy I go to karaoke with and I can't tell if I have a crush on him!

But I'm still upset about what my own crew did to me.
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