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Originally Posted by bigbbubba View Post
Its a Simeon mission if you didn't know. I have to hack a keypad but the numbers move way too fast. Any tips?
Originally Posted by jswartz0181 View Post
So they haven't fixed that, huh? It was one of the missions that got broke in an update, but the others were fixed, so I just assumed this was too.

Anyway, have you done hacking before? To get thru the flying numbers/letters, it helps to have had plenty of practice. But really it's just a matter of working on getting the timing down (I failed MANY times before mastering it). For the numbers, try and find the sequence you're looking for, and set up the selection a ways ahead (the numbers move one spot to the right each tick, and wrap around). Then it's just a matter of waiting for the numbers to come to you. For the letters..... be patient (let the letter go by a couple times) and just hope you don't screw up the timing. That's about all I can say, as that's just not easy.
A trick I use for finding the sequence of 4 numbers is to back out if I am given an indistinct set to find, for example 56, 45, 76, 37 there is nothing that stands out too much.

Press B to back out and then go back into finding the numbers again and you'll be given another set to find (this takes less than a second) then you'll hopefully get a sequence which is much easier to find, if not rinse and repeat.

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