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Good to see more updates.

I hope they continue to deal with the cheats that are still out there. I encountered someone yesterday who told me he got into a lobby with a hacker who hacked his account. Now whenever he kills an AI character in GTAO when he picks up the cash its like 1 billion in dropped cash.

However when he gets killed online if you pick up the cash he drops you get 1 billion. Once the people in his lobby found out they were hunting him down all over the place because he was a very valuable piņata.

I am hoping no cheated money ends up with me again because I don't want Rockstar to purge my account as well as taking away the Buzzard and Tank that I bought. Last time money was given to me and they not only took the money away which I didn't mind but they took away stuff that I had bought and I am pretty sure I earned enough to buy those things. I have just earned enough to buy those things again and if they take it away again I might stop playing this game.
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