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Need to get "A Winner Is You".

Few conditions though:

* you HAVE to be able to do this between 2-4pm GMT/9-11am EST on either a Tuesday or Thursday

* you HAVE to have all the DLC for the game (including ABA Taker, all DLC characters, etc)

Reason for the second condition is that I tried to boost both this game and WWE 13 but over an hour per session on both games trying to find the person I'm boosting with and vice versa and not having that happen made me realise that boosting with someone doesn't work unless you both have the same amount of DLC. Don't ask why, I don't know either, it's ridiculous.

Shoot me a message letting me know if you can do it and we can probably try and trade cage match wins to get it done quickly (GT on my profile to the left of your screen).

If you have all DLC for WWE 13 and can make the same days and times (and possibly a few hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm GMT, depending if I get those days free, some weeks it can change) and are around rank 3 then let me know and we can try the DQ method for that game too.

Really wanna get that done before 2K shut the servers later this year and I need "A Winner Is You" and the achievements for reaching rank 5, rank 10 and maximum rank (which I believe unlocks at rank 14, not sure).
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