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Originally Posted by notdryad View Post
Two big keys to getting a 95 on area 5 is practice, practice, practice and using overdrives. It really helps to familiarize yourself with when the enemies come. Don't hesitate to overdrive if you feel overwhelmed; you can get a lot of overdrives during the level.
I disagree. I think using Overdrive is an instinct that anyone will have by the time they get to this area, and the key to Area 5 is knowing the spots where Overdrive will actually harm your score, as we've already discussed.

And make sure you shoot as much as you can on the bosses, except for the last one. On the last boss, just go for the kill.
I disagree with this too. I can say with great confidence that the bosses do not affect your "shot down" percentage, or I would certainly not have gotten 99%.

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