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Originally Posted by Kenshin Akusai View Post
I haven't had any issues with the game. There is also a news post in game that the gold issue has been fixed as of title update 5. I have downloaded all of the compatibility packs but none of the guardians yet. I am waiting to get a feel for the game before I decide if I am going to play it enough to get dlc guardians.
Do not let your guard down :P

The Gold Mode bug is by no means fixed, that update was supposed to fix it, but it did not, so alas, if you do download DLC, you will still have to use the workarounds unfortunately

That said, it really does only take seconds to perform, don't let it put you off! The Great Goblin is hilarious!
And many of the other guardians are pretty fun to play as

Wo ai ni!! ^.^


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