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Originally Posted by Mellow Tha Pro View Post
One of the most over rated games in the history of video games. I got it on sale for 600 microsoft points and even at that price I feel ripped off. It looks like the game took one day to create. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's a good game. No dialogue, hardly any music, black and white graphics, 4 hours of gameplay - that is not ground breaking IT'S FLAT OUT LAZINESS AND NOTHING MORE.
Games don't need dialogue to be good. Look at Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons. The dialogue was unintelligible, yet for all that it was an excellent game.
As for music, personally I don't like when games or movies over-use music. I feel that very often it is used to artificially create emotion where there really is none. More subdued efforts like Limbo, on the other hand, allow you to feel (or not) without forcing it on you through the music and other sound effects. I know it's silly to compare media to real life, but I just find it annoying that every time something happens in a game or a movie it's reinforced by some dramatic soundtrack. I'm sorry, but whenever I see the love of my life, there doesn't seem to be a full symphony orchestra playing in the background. I don't need it, and I don't need it in my entertainment either. What you point out as laziness in this case due to the lack of music and dialogue, I see as completely the opposite. I see it as allowing us to tap into our own emotions and drawing our own conclusions about what's going on.

Sorry about the rant!

Great game, not too difficult when you get used to it!

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