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The Nicaraguan Getaway20
Finished Prologue.

Story Related. Can't be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete the Prologue.

New enemies:

Out Runner - These are the Jet pack wearing guys. Use turbo to catch up to them, press to enter Melee mode then melee them with and to take them down.

Adios, Mexico30
Finished El Highway.

Story Related. Can't be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete Level 1-3.

New Enemies:
  • Black Sedans - The easiest way to take these out is to shoot them with .
  • Leaper Agents - These are the guys who leap off the black sedans onto IRIS. Once a leaper agent makes it onto IRIS you must take them out with a counter (Press when the Red Reticule appears over them).
  • Trucks with the Guys firing Rockets - Counter all three rockets back at them to defeat them.

Boss Fight:
  • Avoid his wheel attack and keep shooting him with until his health bar is depleted. You will then be able to counter his wheel attack and then melee him with and .
  • This brings you into a quick time event.
  • After the quick time event melee him again.
  • Then you have another quick time event.
  • Then you will have to melee him with Pablo.
  • Next he will start dropping mines and doing wheel attacks. Avoid these while shooting him and when you deplete his health you will be able to counter his wheel attack. There is no health bar this time, but you will know when to counter because he will stop dropping mines and the reticule will appear over the wheel.
  • Melee him one more time and you will have defeated him and earned this achievement.

Here is a video showing this boss fight:

Conquered Canyons30
Finished Hidden Canyons.

Story Related. Can't be missed.

This will unlock as soon as you complete Level 2-3.

New Enemies:
  • White SUVs - Shoot these with to defeat them.
  • Motorcycles - You can take these out with or if your close enough. Otherwise shoot them with to defeat them.
  • Super Out Runners - These are just like the Out Runners except they fire at you before you catch up to them and enter melee mode. If they hit you, your turbo will reset and you will lose ground and have to start over. Avoid there attacks, catch up to them, enter melee mode with and use and to defeat them.
  • Jeeps with Grenades - Avoid the grenade blasts and shoot the jeep until it explodes.
Quick Time Event VS Truck:
At the end of Level 2-2 Iris will break down as a large truck is barreling down towards them and Pablo will have to fix her before the truck reaches them. The following can be done in any order, except for the fifth one which will always be last.
  • Push to the right and press . In this part you will press to activate the torch and use to follow three patterns that will show up on the screen.
  • Push the forward and press . Pablo will need to pound out a section of IRIS with a hammer. There will be a little bar with a vertical line going back and forth when it is in the center press . Keep doing this until the section is pounded flat.
  • Push to the right and press . Press to have Pablo grab the wires then use for the left wire and for the right wire and start to bring them together. Keep moving them closer together until the electricity flowing between the two wires turns blue then hold it there until Pablo automatically ties the wires together.
  • Push to the left and press . Spin the to screw the first two screws in then spin and together for the third screw.
  • After you have fixed all of IRIS' problems keep pressing to have Pablo kick start IRIS.
Here is a video showing this:

Boss Fight:
  1. The boss will throw his bladed shield at you several times, avoid it until he throws it and it starts bouncing on it's way toward you. You will be able to counter it with . You will have to do this three times.
  2. The boss will run parallel to you tossing cars at you. Fire bombs at him with and avoid his attacks. Occasionally he will cut a car in half, counter the two haves back at him. Keep doing this until his health bar is depleted.
  3. Quick Time Event
  4. Press the buttons that appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen to have Pablo damage the mech and pull the Pilot out.
Here is a video showing this boss fight:

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