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Rubbin', Son, Is Racin'5
Took out a Big Arms car using only melee.

You must beat a car to death with X or Y. If you shoot or ram them at all it will not count for the achievement. This is easily done on level 1-1 once IRIS is fully upgraded.

Car Go 'Splode, Just In Time15
Blew up Leaper Agent's car before he reached you.

You must destroy one of the cars with the guy that jumps on IRIS before the guy jumps off the car. This is easily done on Level 1-1 after IRIS is fully upgraded. Just keep your fire focused on the Leaper Agent's car as soon as it appears on screen.

Here is a video:

Big Oil Never Had a Chance10
Beat a tanker truck sequence in less than 60 seconds.

This is the hardest achievement in the game. You must destroy the three tankers in Level 1-1 in under one minute. You will need to have IRIS' weapons and turbo fully upgraded. You need to keep turbo on except when it is recharging and avoid the hitting the cars protecting the tankers. Attacking them will just slow you down.

Pablo Thanks You25
Took no damage during a whole level.

You must beat a level without taking any damage. This is easily done on Level 1-3 after IRIS is fully upgraded.

All Tricked Out15
Maxed level up on all weapons and abilities.

After each level you can spend the points on upgrades for IRIS. You will get this achievement once IRIS is fully upgraded. You should get this when you upgrade after level 5-2.

I would recommend upgrading in this order:
  1. Melee
  2. Turbo
  3. Health
  4. Weapons
Don't be afraid to use all your points after every level, doing so will allow you to do better in later levels, which will allow you to earn more points per level.

Big Movie Watchings10
Unlocked all film bonus content.

From the main menu, go to the garage. Go into the Film section and Purchase everything.

Here is a video if you still need help:

All Game Secrets Revealed10
Unlocked all game bonus content.

From the main menu go to the Garage and in the Game section purchase everything.

Here is a video if you still need help:

Behind the Scenes Bonus DVD15
Unlocked all bonus content.

Purchase all upgrades for IRIS and everything in the Garage.

You should have plenty of points after one playthrough to purchase everything. If you don't have enough points go back and play levels that you did poorly on and with IRIS upgraded you should be able to do a lot better and earn more points. The way the points for replaying levels work is that you get the points you earned minus the points you earned for previous playthroughs so you have to do better than the first time to get any more points out of a level.

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