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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 for 190, 4/10 for 200
Offline: 12/12 (200)
Online: 0/12 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 200: 3-5 Hours (Provided you boost the 103 wins for 'Warlords Fever')
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (No mission specific achievements)
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: 3 Extra controllers and 3 extra profiles for "Control Freak"

Warlords HD is an Action-Strategy game in which you need to defend your castle while at the same time trying to destroy the opposing castle. It is a fun arcade game and definitely worth picking up. There is a campaign mode where you will be acquiring the majority of the achievements or else you can unlock them in the 'Quick Match' mode. One of the achievements requires playing in a 4-player game, but you can do this yourself if you happen to have 4 controllers at hand.

You can see how far you are along with some of the achievements by going into the 'Help & Options' menu from the main menu and then selecting 'Change Tags'. This is where you change your 'Tag' that is a picture of sorts, that you can unlock by fulfilling various tasks. Here it will tell you how many of each 'Stat' you have completed and you can use this to see how far along you are with each of the miscellaneous achievements. This however is not true of all of the achievements as the tracking is only for certain activities, so for some achievements you will be completely in the dark with until you unlock them.

The reason i gave this a 2/10 difficulty rating for 190 and a 4/10 for the full 200 is because 11 of the 12 achievements can be obtained through 'Quick Match' mode using multiple controllers, making them very easy, but the campaign can be rather difficult in places and there is no difficulty options, so it may take more patience to complete for some.

Step 1: Campaign
You will likely be earning the majority of the achievements while playing through the campaign. There are no mission specific achievements and you can earn them in any of the missions, provided you met the requirements. At the end of each mission you will be shown a results page detailing all the enemies you killed and the walls you destroyed and/or repaired, along with other stats. This will give you some indication of how close you are to unlocking the achievements. The achievements will unlock as soon as you meet the requirements and not only after completing the missions.

Step 2: Clean up
If for whatever reason you haven't unlocked the miscellaneous achievements during the campaign, you can set up a quick match on the 'Easy' difficulty and have as many A.I. players as you wish, up to 4 or have more than 1 controller connected and be in control of all of the teams. This will make it extremely easy to obtain and/or boost all of the miscellaneous achievements. You can choose to do this from the start to obtain 11 of the 12 achievements and then just complete the campaign for the final achievement afterwards.

Warlords HD is a fun Strategic Action game, well worth picking up along with easy enough achievements. They are mostly miscellaneous achievements and can mostly be unlocked through local quick matches.

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