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Originally Posted by Jack Frost View Post
Frankly, I stopped listening when he even considers making a conscious choice to repeat the same job or race over and over as tantamount to cheating. Just nonsense...

I often get calls from Lester, Martin, Trevor, and the others asking me to do missions that I have already done. By accepting those requests, does that make me a cheater?

Do you have to then put the game down when you have done all the missions?

I am not a big fan of grinding achievements because they eat up a lot of time, but if you compare getting to level 100 in this game to others, then this one is a walk in the park. I do not want all the achievements to be easily attainable otherwise it takes away from what it is actually called: ACHIEVEMENTS. When you get that achievement that has taken some time through perseverance then that leaves me with some satisfaction.

I guess you have the two camps, the people who go for high volume achievements and the ones that look for harder quality achievements.
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