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Not to start a zombie apocalypse or anything, but I'm resurrecting a dead thread in the hopes someone knows how to solve this. >.<

Originally Posted by synjin savant2 View Post
There's a dot in southwest Picardie, near a sideways horse-shoe shaped road. When I go there, I can't see anything to blow up or pick up... What am I missing here? It's due north of Margaret's hangout. On the map it looks like a couple brown squiggles then a horseshoe. I blew up a canon and something else nearby, but I can't figure out what the 3rd dot is. Help?
I'm also having the exact same problem - I've blown up three things at this location but I still have a marker there, and there is literally nothing on that hill - not even a car jump (I've tried every angle, going up the hill and driving off of it - car just drives up or down the incline, doesn't fly).

Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do there? Thanks!
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