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Originally Posted by Vengeful Bane View Post
Started yesterday and seriously donít get your whining about the collectibles. Besides the fact that every single Spider-Man Game always had a ton of 'em! TASM2 Comics will be a cakewalk compared to the others. 1st they shine brighter than Rihannaís diamond ... 2nd there are ONLY 300 (After approx. 2hrs of completing Side-Missions I grabbed 110 by just swinging by)! And even better: you can purchase an upgrade pretty early in the game, which makes them all visible on your map!!

Edit: Remember? TASM had 700 (!!) Comics / Shattered Dimensions had 500 Symbols. So you could have definitely been aware of what youíre going to be up against before you even started TASM2.
"Shine Brighter Than Rihanna's Diamond" lol
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