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I found this to be a fun under-the-radar game, like The Saboteur or Enslaved. It's not the greatest game I've ever played. Just one of those enjoyable overlooked games. The soundtrack and the wide shots of Neo Paris are quite breathtaking. Someone mentioned bad voice acting, which is absurd. The voice acting is fine and a million times better than other games. (Final Fantasy 13 was almost unplayable because of this. And thank god Lost Odyssey had different languages to choose from. More games should follow this example. And why was almost everyone speaking with an American accent when they're all in Paris?) ANYway, my only gripes are the unskippable cutscenes during my second playthrough. And the fact that you lose your special bar if you die. That was kind of irritating. But if you have a good pair of headphones, I recommend popping this in at night and enjoy the music and sound effects. And it sounds like Edge is really talking in your ear.

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