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Items im looking for(I know some are glitched, but in case anybody has them..)

Items im looking for:
-Temple Key
-Crimson Key Mold
- Woopie Cusion
-New wings or the items to make them(feathers etc.)
-Orichalcum Ore/bars
-Shroomite bars
-Chlorophyte Ore/bars
-Pumpkin Moon Medallion
-Naughty Present
-Any new pets
-Blizzard in a Bottle
-Fart in a Balloon or any items needed to make it.(Whoopie Cushion, Cloud in a bottle)

Items I can trade:
-All Key Molds but Crimson Key Mold
-Creeper Costume along with a bunch of other cool vanity items
-all original pets plus Eye Spring pet, black cat pet, baby hornet pet and tiki spirit pet
-Red/Green candy cane blocks
-Sandstorm in a Bottle
-Legendary Terra Blade
-Hard Obsidian Rose

And a bunch more stuff =\ thanks in a advance to anyone who helps!! It will be much appriciated! =)

My gamertag is M3M0RYDIST0RT3D. Either send me a message on xbox live, on here and I will try to get back with u when I can! Thanks again!
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