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Installed friend's gta v, still freezing.

Okay so one day I tried to start up my gta but it froze. I found it (disc 2) had a perfect circle on it so I got my friend's gta and installed it onto my hard drive. It worked perfectly until one day I started it from one of my other downloaded games on my xbox (when you open the xbox guide and go to the bottom to play the current disc) and when it got to loading story it said it had to restart loading and then froze. I started it up again and it froze. It now always freezes. I then had a stroke of genius and put in my disc 1 and when it prompted me to put in my disc 2 I did. It worked perfectly but then after about 10 minutes it froze. Whenever I do this again it always freezes pretty soon. HELP????
Also I think it might not run off the installed game on the hard drive but off the disc and by starting gta from a different game I made this happen. Is there any way to reverse this???? HELP PLS THX
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