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Apt 1 (Rare Or Muscle Cars):
1. Romero Hearse
2. Albany Manana
3. Karin Rebel (Clean, no scratches/rust)
4. Imponte Phoenix
5. Albany Buccaneer
6. Cheval Picador
7. Declasse Sabre Turbo
8. Declasse Voodoo
9. Albany Primo
10. Obey Tailgater

Apt 2 (Super Cars/Expensive Cars):
1. Dinka Jester
2. Albany Roosevelt
3. Pegassi Bati 801
4. Grotti Turismo
5. Overflod Entity
6. Invetero Coquette
7. Truffade Adder
8. Pegassi Zentorno
9. Enus Huntley
10. Karin Sultan

I find myself driving my rare cars/muscle cars more then the more expensive ones. Fun to cruise in and flashier because not as many people driving them around. while i see half the lobby having supercars. Not saying i dont pull them out once in awhile and cruise with the crew.
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