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I am really pissed of right now. So allow me to rant about my absolute hatred of Microsoft right now, and my disappointment that Rockstar doesn't seem to give a flying f*ck about my predicament. I just recently figured out that I have been labeled as a bad sport and permanently forced to be on bad sport only servers. Why is this you may ask? Do I play dirty? Do I cheat or use hacks? Do I use bad language? The answer to all of these is no. I got put on the bad sport list simply because Microsoft has problems with my account and I constantly keep getting disconnected from Xbox live in the middle of games, which Rockstar interprets as me RQing. It not even a problem with my internet. I have absolutely flawless internet. I never lose connection, never go below full ping, and never lag. I have contacted Rockstar and told them that I am not quitting the games, rather I am constantly being kicked from Xbox live, and they say that because my Rep is so low on XBL, that they don't believe that and that I am rage-quitting all my games. That is another one of my problems, Rep doesn't mean anything anymore because Microsoft never bothers to check if the reports people file against you are actually reliable and true. I have a 1 star Rep simply because the n00bs that I beat in games get pissed off and report me for cheating. I have never cheated at or hacked a game in my life, I rarely ever use bad language, and when I do its all for fun. And another thing, the fact that you can submit a report on someone for being "too good at a game" is absolute tripe. I mean that is just another way for n00bs to screw over people who are actually good at a game. I mean, when I lose, I get over it. Everybody loses at one time or another. Heck, I am a really amazing player and I still end up losing around half the time. But I don't say that the players who beat me should be punished because they are too good, that's just silly.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but I have really had it with some of the policies on XBL.

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