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I am also getting disconnected a lot and the long loading times to get back in is really irritating. I am also finding that my xbox360 is freezing more frequently. I am wondering if my xbox360 is coming to the end of its working life or is it that the game is too much for the xbox360 to handle.

I may take a break from this game until the next patch to remove the invisibility glitch or add new content / DLC, hopefully Heists but I won't hold my breath on Heists coming out anytime soon.

I have started to play other games and my xbox 360 hasn't crashed once. It must be GTA 5 suddenly being too intense for my xbox 360. I will stay off GTA5 Online because of the crashing of my xbox 360 and I heard that the modders are able to change your RP and Cash.

During last xmas when modders were giving away lots of GTA $ one of the modders was using invincibility and invisibility to kill me over and over. So I messaged back calling the person a cheat and then my GTA stats was changed. They changed it so that it shows that my cash is -$1billion. At least it was just the stat and not the actual cash that I had. Even after Rockstar did the money purge the stat has not been corrected.
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