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Didn't want to include this in my super long rant on XBL rep and GTA V bad sports, but there was another thing that infuriated me. A couple days after I started playing GTA online (so around 6 months ago), I had taken my only car to Los Santos Customs to upgrade it. When I got there, another player was standing outside, but he didn't do anything, so I payed him no mind and drove inside. I spent all of the money I had gotten over the last couple of days (only around $30,000) and upgraded my car all I could, since my main source of revenue was races. When I exited, the player outside killed me for no reason. So after I spawned, I went back to get my car. He was still there and killed me again. He kept this up until my car eventually got impounded. At this point, I was really miffed, but I couldn't do anything because the guy was like level 104. So, I stole a car to go to the impound lot, and guess what, he's there already. He kills me everytime I came to try and get my car. Needless to say, my car ended up getting scrapped and I had to go almost a month without a car . The worst part is, I had reported him, and just recently I saw him on the server again. And he did the same sh*t, and I lost another one of my cars. I just can't believe that Rockstar didn't ban this mo-fo. So, I look him up, and it turns out he is a Rockstar employee, and therefore is exempt from being put in the bad sport servers. Sometimes I just can't believe how rude some people can be.

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