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Originally Posted by Sm0keytrip0d View Post
imo it would just be easier for R* to let us play with 360 players on our One, so that way if you have friends or crew members who haven't upgraded yet you can still mess around with them :3

also I hope next gen/PC GTA online has all the animals and things the single player has...would be nice to see animals and have cops chasing NPC's in the city, make it feel more alive then just a place where people drive tanks lol

Ahhhh Animals... Takes me back to when I spent hours in the mountains killing the animals to satisfy Cletus. The fun challenge one was trying to take a picture of a charging cougar and the corpse of an Elk and send text it to Cletus before the cougar killed me.

If they add animals to GTA Online, don't go in the wilderness at night because half the time you won't see where the cougar is charging from till its too late.
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