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Originally Posted by Low Beau View Post
some more tips on Graven. I just beat him on King mode without losing any health, so take these tips or leave 'em.

During the fist to fist combat part:
you should NEVER have to press LT, just roll a lot. You'll learn his attacks. He takes forever to set any of his moves up. The thing to keep in mind is that right after he attacks run in and press Y ONCE, hit him only once, because if you hit him twice he'll do his under the ground crap and you'll lose half of your energy bar. The only time I could safely get more than one hit on him was after he set his under-the-ground move up, jump over his spikes directly at him (good luck thanks to the camera) then pound him with Y twice. After every attack you make quickly roll back away from him and wait until he attacks again. then run back at him. repeat times a million

During the tentacles part:
Press the RB to initiate the wheel, then press RB again to let off. Quickly throw up a Void and take off running around the circle in the same way that Graven is spinning. Jump when you have to to avoid his tentacles of course. By the time you make it back around to the wheel Graven will have dropped his attack. If the Void helped you any then have a go at the wheel again. If you don't have the Armor Power Cheat enabled you should be good to go anyways because the MudMen should be on the opposite side of Graven. Just do ONE turn of it, NEVER let Conan go into the press 'Y' animation! Then run another lap. Repeat until the sucker's dead.

Using this method the only parts you'll have to worry about are the friggin 'press the certain button prompts' and the nice 3d camera for a 2d fight on a f'n circle! JESUS they didn't have any testers for this game.

The one thing you might want to have set up prior to this whole fight is to have your Backbreaker and Piledriver maxed out. Both will give you health every time you kill a MudMan with them.

Good luck guys.
ive use the same way to kill this bitch on hard. I died twice ( stupid mistakes ) but in overall it was easy to do.
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