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Originally Posted by WHITESTAR 2032 View Post
No your crew rank and unlocks stay till you relink your accounts. It does wipe the paints and emblems off your cars. They will look like they have the paint but they will switch to something different with time and use.

But as I was saying you go in to your privacy settings in your profile and adjust them to everyone. The Xbox one settings now work for the social club on the 360 GTA 5. I guess 1.14 added these settings for the upcoming release of the one version. I had this same problem and when I set player created content to everyone it worked just fine. It has to do with the GTA ONLINE creator DLC.

I am having the same problem and have set player created content to everyone and it still doesn't work.

I am very reluctant to unlink my social club account as I have spent a lot on the paint jobs for my 20 vehicles and can't afford to spend that much again reapplying the paint to restore my vehicles to what they are now. I have quite a few cars with chrome fused with crew colour and the matt pearlescent combination.

EDIT: Well I decided to bite the bullet and I unlinked my account. Then loaded up GTA Online and got into a lobby. I then relinked my account through the in game option. But as soon as I come out of GTA Online and try to come back in the same problem occurs. So basically I either play without my account linked at all or unlink my account and relink in game everytime I wish to play to have my stats tracked as well as the crew I setup. R* keep finding ways to fuck me off, you gota love em.

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