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Originally Posted by Boomerang Cat View Post
I don't think they would remove the Firework Launcher as I still have the Gusenberg Sweeper which was part of the Valentines Day DLC.

As far as I can remember they were never going to remove the Gusenberg Sweeper just take it off the shelf for other people to purchase.

Whereas they have said they would remove items from the independence dlc. I hope I am wrong as I bought the firework launcher and quite like it. It's a new way to kill opponents in style. I would like to have it as a pick up weapon in death matches. Death matches with weapon set to the firework launcher only, now that would be something.

I think or hope that if they do remove an item it's the stand alone fireworks that you have to place. They could then make the firework launcher unable to be purchased but for the people who did buy it, they could continue to buy ammo/fireworks for it. And again make it possible to have the firework launcher as a pick up weapon in death matches so that people who come late to GTA Online could still have a go at using it.
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