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I really want a well made HD port of the RE: remake, its the best Resident evil game ever. Tension, atmosphere, right amount of shooting, great game design. Crimson heads were nasty if you let them rise up

RE2 and 3 are all time classics. RE-zero is really good. CV is good although has bad bits like the boss fight in the fog and the bit where you have to smash the glass cannonball with those tank controls.

I liked RE4 despite the shift to more action, it still had tension & atmosphere but it also sent the series to slow, shitty death of more shooting, QTE shite. RE5 was poor it did more of everything that was naff about 4, also it forced you to have a dumb AI partner who will let her self get killed and waste ammo!.

RE6 - just shit. Dumber and bigger than 5

Revelations is mostly good, some levels felt like a survival horror games and then they throw in some "shoot everything" for the shooter game
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