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Originally Posted by datmanydocris View Post
Didn't want to include this in my super long rant on XBL rep and GTA V bad sports, but there was another thing that infuriated me. A couple days after I started playing GTA online (so around 6 months ago), I had taken my only car to Los Santos Customs to upgrade it. When I got there, another player was standing outside, but he didn't do anything, so I payed him no mind and drove inside. I spent all of the money I had gotten over the last couple of days (only around $30,000) and upgraded my car all I could, since my main source of revenue was races. When I exited, the player outside killed me for no reason. So after I spawned, I went back to get my car. He was still there and killed me again. He kept this up until my car eventually got impounded. At this point, I was really miffed, but I couldn't do anything because the guy was like level 104. So, I stole a car to go to the impound lot, and guess what, he's there already. He kills me everytime I came to try and get my car. Needless to say, my car ended up getting scrapped and I had to go almost a month without a car . The worst part is, I had reported him, and just recently I saw him on the server again. And he did the same sh*t, and I lost another one of my cars. I just can't believe that Rockstar didn't ban this mo-fo. So, I look him up, and it turns out he is a Rockstar employee, and therefore is exempt from being put in the bad sport servers. Sometimes I just can't believe how rude some people can be.
So he worked for Rockstar? Is that a fact? I think I can answer why. Rockstar sells cash cards via dlc which you pay for with real money. If rockstar are getting their employees to do those stunts then it is bad for them if it gets leaked. I mean most people would end up boycotting them. If he is doing it on his own I guess he will have no job if he is found out. If I worked for Microsoft I would have banned him. There are certain places I don't stand for anyone killing people and that is one of them. Sometimes I wish I could punched my tv screen and my fist comes out of their screen into their face.

I am sick of all the kids being keyboard warriors and when you swear mummy is not happy. Here is my reply "hay bitch, if you don't want your child to hear swearing online then don't buy him a fucking adult game, you stupid fucking bitch." as gta us an adult game I will swear on that game.
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