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I can offer some tips here myself -

Self Restraint 15 Get to speed level 7 only making 3 of a kinds and no chains

This is not that easy, as many times you might accidentally make a Full House or Flush. I unlocked it in about 6 tries - I found it easiest to never let the cards get too high. Always try to make combos with only 3 rows, and you don't have to worry about accidentally making a hand on the 4th line. By the time you get to speed level 6, you may have to use slow mo to keep it at 3 lines.

Pack Rat 15 Unlock all 11 in-game themes

This is correct, all can be bought in the store and you will eventually accumulate enough chips over time, even if you fail miserably at the game your points carry over.

Score of the Gods 30 Score 1,000,000 points

From what I read, this must be done in one game. The protip given was that on the higher speed levels, the challenge hands give upwards of 200,000 points alone, so they are probably key to getting this.

The Thinker 10 Unlock all puzzle groups

You can buy the solutions to the puzzles in the store, and they do not affect the achievement in any way.

Challenge Hand 10 Make a challenge hand in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Pretty much what is written above, when a challenge hand appears on the right side of the screen, complete the challenge and this will unlock.

All Hands 20 Make every possible hand in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be, I got it in about 10 minutes. Since I had been playing for a while, I already had 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 5 of a kind, flush, and full house. To make the other hands what I did was start a new action game at level 1, push up the rows a bit with LT, and look for a suit that appeared in every row. Then, I would make ONE hand - such as six flush - and immediately fail the game by holding LT. Then start over and make the next hand again at speed level 1 on a new game. These hands are over the lifetime of your game, so you do not have to get them all in one game. Obviously straight flush was the hardest, my advice to you is try to make it vertically as you can pop pieces in and out whereas horizontally pieces will get in your way.

Triple Smash 15 Make three chains at the same time in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

This one was way harder that I thought it would be. Basically you are looking to set up something like this:

Where X is any card (so long as it does not make a chain with what is already listed) - so in my example above in the 3rd row changing the X and the A at the end will make a three of a kind of Aces, and then the row will drop and you will make KKK, QQQ, and JJJ all at the same time - exactly as the icon for this achievement shows. Be careful, the first time I tried this my third row (AAA in my example) made a full house, which caused me to make a flush in the 5th column thus netting me a 'quadruple smash' which unfortunately, does not qualify you for this achievement.
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