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Originally Posted by VGA o0EVIL0o View Post
I was playing YTR yesterday and I was reminiscing about my past experiences with the Yellow Turbans. On I think it was DW4 there was a castle with running water through it (!?!?!) and He Jin (your commander) would go inside and wait there. Then he would say something corny and get ambused immediately after that. Does anyone remember what it was that he said there??
I know what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure it was DW3, not 4. I could be entirely wrong, but I remember the castle more or less in the middle of the map, and I'd always run up the West side of it killing all the generals before jumping into the water by the northwest corner of the castle and then entering the castle to clear the enemy generals out. Can't remember what he said though--I wonder if my buddy still has that game on the PS2 so I could play it and find out
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