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Originally Posted by TugSafc View Post
I think its out in Germany for some strange reason, or a lot of Germans have modded 360's, yesterday I looked at at the tracker and there were 5 Germans playing Army of Two.

But yeah, I have noticed lately a lot of people submitting achievements guides when game isn't out. I think to submit an achievement guide, you should have gotten 100% achievements
I disagree to an extent. I do think they should have a majority of the achievements including the harder ones, but for the sake of getting a guide out, not always. How about The Club? People have written guides to that but obviously no one yet has the last achievement in the game because it takes a load of time to get. They know what it is and so anyone could put in the guide how to get it, it's just very time-consuming.

But seriously, writing a guide before a game is out? Unless you're one of those mad hax0rs with a modded 360 I think you should have at least played it to write a guide.
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Originally Posted by monkeysmellsbanana View Post
Halo 3 i really liked it especially in the end great game, stupid achivements. after playing awhile the game i found that bungie the only thing want u to be piss off. e.g bullshit stuff like sticking a player didnt die, spawn points, explosion radius. i hate online achivements.

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