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Originally Posted by Namaste View Post
What levels are the Snipers in what how many are there?
Just to clarify, as I was unsure myself.

There are (if I remember correctly from last night) 5 snipers. They are on the level "Follow Freeman." Right as you start that chapter, a fellow rebel guy walks up to you and tells you that Barney is pinned down by snipers. Proceed through the level and you'll find the first 2 quite quickly. Proceeding through the level more, you do a see-saw puzzle to turn the fire/gas off. Head upstairs, you should find the third one looking at you soon enough. Then finally the last 2 are on the top floor with Barney, but you can take them out from either floor.

There MAY only be 4, but I'm pretty sure there's 5. They're hard to miss.
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