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Originally Posted by xX|Triple K|Xx B100dh0uNd View Post
If its 9.00 PM in the UK, its 5.00 PM in Brazil, 8.00 PM in Italy and 5.00 PM in USA. I think.

I think this saturday is our best bet - for now i will say 9.00 PM for the UK, 5.00 PM for Brazil, 8.00 PM for Italy and 5.00 PM for the USA but this is not final. When i know all of the times i will send everybody a message asking if they can make it. If some people can't, we'll have to try Sunday.
i cant make it on saturday at 5:00pm EST, USA. i can make it a couple hours earlier than 5pm. 2:00-2:30pm is good for me no later. Sunday will be no good for me, i have to work that day.

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