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Originally Posted by jan36zero View Post
Thanks for your effort Semp Pi, very useful guide.

I'm 98% with the game, GS 910, missing the very last leatherwing and it's not the quarry lamp tree one.

I have been running up and down the whole area for a day now, still couldn't find that last one.

Here's a list of leatherwings I noted from my last run.

1. Front entrance of the mansion
2. Mansion into forest road, on the first bridge
3. The first quarry road sign towards goblin camp.
4. Small fuse house before the goblin camp
5. Midway on the cliff to the large fuse house
6. Quarry lamp tree, shoot the lamp
7. Deep woods, oak tree folk area
8. Cave, from the oak tree folk
9. Tunnel below cellar, near the U-shaped "hidden path"
10. Missing this one!!! HELP

Anyone please help? I need this damn bugger to 1000.
where is the tunnel bellow cellar near the u shaped hidden path i dont think i have that one
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