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i give up -_-

i've spent the whole day trying to get the 100%.
i'm stuck at 97.94%, did everything on the checklists. got 334 clothing items and did 41 errands. after ~5 hours just trying to find the missing % i gave up on it. it's definitely glitched. sure, maybe i could get 9 more errands for 00.04% each, but damn that won't give me 100% after all.
the only thing i missed in the game is shovelling snow.
i really have read all the 100% lists on different sites, read every thread here on x360a, retried all the races that were still available and even restarted my 360 every 30 mins because of the errands :P
i have no idea what i could try to get the missing %, except the few missing errands.
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