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Originally Posted by SengIV View Post
When I get home I will add a link. Tell Pants to change the link from Shotz to yours.
Are you talking to me? Are you talking about your guide? I'm new in this forum so i try to keep up as much as i can! If you could point me to what i need to do, please do it.

Originally Posted by Havoc RedCell View Post
Im at 99.13% and I've done everything on the checklist
Boxing is at "vs random", Done 43 Errands, rode every ride once, got every achievement but 100% (so running, biking etc are done) Drank 500 Sodas, have 333 Clothing Items, have every room trophie, pulled fire alarms, everything I can think of and read on lists I have done. Also did the teddy bear errand on the beach and only got .3 from that
Only thing I haven't done is the Detention thing.
So what should i do for the rest .87%?
You didn't mention the pirate. I suppose you have beaten his ass off. Try what SengIV says.

Originally Posted by DelacroixUMEA View Post
is it possible to do the gym class again? im waiting for it to pop up but it will not!

ive aced that class, but i need to fail it once
All the classes keep showing up, just be patient
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