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Anyone have any Chaos Tips for me? Also question

Hey guys.

Finally completed all musou modes and stuff (Lu Bu's last stage was ), I got all achievements apart from All Targets, All stages on chaos, and all characters to lv50, and I just thought I'd try Chaos.

So I tried Yellow Turban Rebellion with my level 45 Lu Bu, and I was absolutely decimated. I had to go back to the bases to get health about 5-6 times. If I had to fight a general+general or a general+lieutenant or anythin like that, I'd get owned.

Took forever to take down infantry, and only managed 400-500 ko's.

Not bad I spose. But I just thought the easiest level in the game would be... well.. alot easier, even on chaos.

So, if I'm going to play all the scenarios on Chaos, then I'll need alot of tips, if anyone has any for me

Also my question. Are there 4th weapons in this game? If so how can I obtain them?

I have a hunch you need to get a char to level 50 to unlock his/her 4th weapon but just a guess.

Thanks for anything you guys can tell me

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