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Originally Posted by narcolepticshee View Post
this is ridiculous. It's a logo for the site and you are part of the site so why shouldn't you use it? You're not using it for monetary gain or trying to start a site with that logo. And I'm pretty sure it's not copyrighted (could be wrong...)

So i say use it man - you're trying to rep the site by using it and if the mods have got a problem with that, that's kinda weak

Well, I got a PM from Thuderstorm101 asking where I got the logo from pretty much as soon as I uploaded it as my sig. I've replied explaining that I made it myself and that I'll never give it out to anyone or use it in any sig requests, but like you said, it just shows my appreciation of the site and I'm not gaining anything from it. I'm awaiting a reply from him to see what he says, I'm guessing he's discussing it with some other moderators or staff.

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