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ok you were right it won't work for all of us, lol!! Tried and nothing - I have hosted throughout, played knight throughout, bishop 1/2 the time & knight 1/2 the time and single story. I have tried jumping into public co-op and completing the 1st level and basically all the suggestions on this forum and still no achievment!

Does anyone know if copying my r61 & 2 game files to memory card, then deleting all rainbow six 1 & 2 data from Hdrive, then recovering gamer tag and starting a new R2 game will allow me to rank from beginning to get PFC achiev and also in theory it would reset realistic 'tick boxes' and then play through story realistic before anything else may work??
oh and btw different forum for this no doubt but I had approx 100 kills while suspended from a rope and no achiev "Rappel King" than set up a game and had 5 friends join, we each took turns killing eachother while supended on rope and without exception (tho they also had many many kills previously) the achiev didn't pop up til we had 25 consecutive kills on the same rope?
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